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Invisible Children February 23, 2009

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OK I am aware that normally I discuss hip new Eco-friendly trends, but I am changing course this week, and only this week, to discuss an organization called, “Invisible Children.” For extra credit in one of my poli-sci classes, my friend and I attended a seminar called “Invisible Children.” It’s a story about children living in Uganda who travel each night into their cities to sleep so they will not be kidnapped by the LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army). Uganda is involved in a war between a man named Joesph Kony and the Uganda government. Kony is the leader of the LRA and terrorizes the countryside by kidnapping children and forcing the girls into sex slavery and the boys into the army. The boys are forced to kill and commit horrible crimes. If they do not, they are killed on the spot or worse they witness the death of a family member as punishment.

Three men, approximately 20 years old, discovered these children on a trip to Africa a few years ago. They were so shocked by the atrocities, they decided to come back to the U.S.  and make people aware of what was happening in Uganda. As a result millions of dollars have been donated and given to help rescue the children from the LRA. The men went back there a few months ago in hopes of a peace treaty that would end the violence but peace talks between Kony and the Uganda government failed again. As an act of revenge, Kony kidnapped and killed thousands last December, including on Christmas day.

“Invisible Children” is the name of the non-profit organization that is committed to ending this war and rescuing these children. The organization now has thousands of volunteers internationally and continues to raise money and awareness. On April 25, they are organizing an event to take place in cities across the world where people will sleep outside as a sign of protest of the treatment of children in Uganda.

I saw this video once a few years ago before they had raised the money and awareness, it broke my heart and made me evaluate my life and what was really important to me. Seeing the updated video this time and how far their organization has come made me so hopeful that these innocent children would soon be set free and could return to their families. I implore whoever reads this blog to join in the fight. Donate a little bit of money, sign up for the event, buy a t-shirt (they are awesome and I promise you would wear it) or just join the facebook group called, “Invisible Children,” not difficult. These children need help and the best way to do that is to help create the awareness.  I hope you do join the facebook group or contribute a little bit of money (yes, I am aware the economy is awful but a little bit goes along way) for more information you can go to:


what we learn with bill handy

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Thankfully this week, our class did not have to seek shelter because of a tornado outside. Instead we created/updated Socially Orange. A Web site created by the class and for our class. On Tuesday, Bill showed us how simple and cheap it was to create and register a Web site on the Internet. And I will go ahead and thank Bill right now for footing the bill of Socially Orange. Also my favorite part of the class was when Bill called students up to the computer for a little while and then we would applaud them for clicking on links correctly. 🙂

On Thursday, we discussed ways to incorporate businesses and potential OSUstudents in the Web site. Without boring anyone with details, I really felt the lesson was of value. Plus it’s one more thing I can add to my resume to impress future employers. 😉 It was easy, efficient and cheap. Also once completed, the Web site looked as though a professional had created it and would have charge a good chunk of change. As I have said before, I really enjoy the instructor and fellow classmates in JB 4520. Also I am learning something new and interesting each week. Which I cannot say for every class that I have taken.


JB 4520 kept its cool February 15, 2009

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When I was driving to class this past Tuesday, I heard on the radio that Edmond was being hit by a tornado. I thought to myself surely it won’t be that bad here in Stillwater. As I got out of my car and walked to the JB building I knew a storm would hit shortly but still I believed it would be a tiny thunderstorm, nothing to be alarmed about. So imagine my surprise when sitting in class trying to pay attention to Bill, when I got a text message from my roommate telling me she was taking cover in our sorority house. Not only was the hail beginning to hit the window rapidly but  the tornado sirens started going off. Thats when we, as a class, decided to move into the center of the JB building. Now while most people who live outside tornado alley would be hyperventilating and freaking out at this point. My class was texting friends, updating their facebook status or just laughing about how they almost didn’t come to class today. Despite the warnings the TV was giving, people still crowded around the two different doorways, myself included. I saw a couple of people running from building to building as though the SEVERE storm was something to go play in. Looking back now, I can’t help but laugh at mine and my fellow students’ reactions. Any tornado should be taken seriously. But instead, all of us were more worried about our car damages or whether the Colvin would be closed later on that night. Call us crazy, but I’m proud that no one panicked. In fact, judging by the atmosphere, a person would never suspect that a damaging storm was taking place just outside the building. So to conclude, I give props to JB4520 for staying calm and making our “storm shelter” an enjoyable place to be.


the advantages of being eco-friendly February 10, 2009

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When I was home in Dallas this past weekend, I was at “The Shops at Legacy.” When I went to pay the parking meter, it read “hybrid cars do not have to pay.” Sure this is a very tiny advantage to owning a hybrid car but the more I look around, I notice that being green can cut down expenses everywhere. For example, some states give tax breaks if you a buy a hybrid car or own a solar-powered home.

Several states offer tax credits if you covert your vehicle to use bio-fuels. In Oregon, if your car uses bio-fuels, you get an income tax credit of $0.50 per gallon up to $200 per vehicle. In the great state of Oklahoma if a car uses your own bio-fuel, you are not subject to the state’s motor fuel exercise tax.

And if you come from my home state of Texas and you have a solar energy system your home is exempt from property tax. This big time saver is also in effect in Arizona, South Carolina and New York, where you can get a tax credit equal to 25 percent of the costs of your solar energy system. In Idaho, if you are an owner of an older home you are encouraged to add new insulation by receiving a tax deduction of 100 percent of the cost.

And if you’re in a giving mood, all charitable donations to qualified non-profits are tax deductible. These are just a few benefits we can receive by being more Eco – friendly in our daily lives. I personally support most legislation that will restrict our admissions of harmful gases and will reward those who consciously make environmentally smart decisions.


This week in social media February 6, 2009

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This week in Social Media class we had a former OSU journalism student come speak to us about her job at a non-profit organization in Oklahoma. Her main job is to keep up with all the different Web sites for her company. To my amazement this company is on numerous social media sites: facebook, myspace, twitter, youtube, etc. Constantly relaying information to the public about upcoming events or volunteer opportunities.

Most people have the impression that non-profits are unorganized. This food bank, however, is on top off all media aspects. As a result their food distribution to underprivileged children is up nine percent from last year. My favorite part of the speech was seeing how passionate the speaker is about her job. Even with a slight pay cut she took from going to a corporate job to this one, she says it was well worth it. And Not only does she like it more in the non-profit world, she likes her job so much, she gets to work early and stays late.

I hope we are all as lucky to find a job we love so much.


Social Media Class February 2, 2009

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The first few weeks of Social Media have definitely been interesting and refreshing. Instead of talking about the definition of public relations for the millionth time, we are discussing the four corners of the Internet I will be the first to admit that I am not savvy in a lot of areas besides Facebook. However, I already feel fairly comfortable with Twitter. And I am using my new Gmail account as my contact email for my resumes.

I give Bill props for not only teaching the class useful networking skills but also being entertaining and engaging with the class. Let’s face it we all have taken those classes where we sit in the back of the room and read the newspaper or do the crossword and or soduku puzzle. But so far everyone participates and seems to enjoy the class. The atmosphere is always upbeat even when were given assignments. I think this class will be worth my time and my parents money. I hope I am right. 🙂


Going Green January 28, 2009

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I decided to focus my blog on the environment. Specifically how the U.S. and other countries are changing how we as individuals and businesses impact the environment. I will also talk about the new technologies that are continually coming out that are earth – friendly as well as fashion – trendy. 

 The cool thing about “going green” is it is so easy to do.  Any person can make small changes in their daily routine to help benefit our environment. They could recycle more, buy organic foods or something as simple as unplugging a phone charger when it is not being used.

I chose this topic because one, I feel I can have a new and interesting blog each week and also I have always been passionate about the environment and the effect today’s generations are having on it. “Going green” has spread not only to the car and recycling industry but it also is impacting the fashion world, home building and other areas I will discuss over the semester. The environment has been a big topic issue in politics over the past few years and in this past presidential election. And no matter what side of the political spectrum you are on, everyone agrees changes need to be made to help protect the Earth for future generations.