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SHOCKER: PR Professionals Know What Ethics Are! April 22, 2009

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By: Mattie Walker and Cathleen Williams

PR professionals commonly are labeled biased, untrustworthy manipulators of information about their clients’ practices and business transactions. Many outsiders feel that PR professionals manipulate certain situations to make their clients seem innocent of wrongdoing.

Being in the PR community, we know that this is anything but true. As an industry we are constantly striving to be open and honest with our communities by diligently practicing proactive methods.

During this time of global economic struggle, it is important for our industry to remain honest and punctual with any information of a company’s news to ensure our credibility with the masses.

The International Public Relations Association Code of Conduct and PRSA are the two leading organizations providing a framework of ethical practices for PR professionals to follow.

Another incentive to remain ethical is the hounding media coverage these days. They make it necessary and imperative to remain truthful. Eventually, deception will be made public and is often times more damaging to a company’s image and credibility than the original story.

Although it is part of our job to be biased towards our clients and defend their practices, our industry has made it a priority to be skillful enough to achieve this without comprising our ethics and morals.

PR is vital to a company’s survival. As students who are about to graduate and enter another phase of the PR industry, we have the knowledge and capabilities to behave ethically and will do our part to keep the industry moving in a direction that both internal and external audiences respect.


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