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Half Way Through My Last Semester March 24, 2009

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Oklahoma State University is more than half way through its spring semester. And for me, that means I have six weeks of classes left of my college career. So far, I have learned more than I thought possible about social media in Bill Handy’s class. I used to not want to be a part of all the new social media Web sites out there. I had my e-mail and Facebook, I was content. But now I am an active user of Twitter, Youtube, I have my resume posted at and I love my new G-Mail account.

I have to thank Bill for making us sign up to these sites. Social media has taken the PR industry by storm and it’s better to jump on the band wagon now then later. Every agency or firm is on Facebook, Myspace and Twitter and if they’re not, then they are behind. Now a days,  a computer can be a person’s link to the the outside world and the Internet is how they obtain most of their knowledge about a company. So if the company is not available through certain media Web sites, they can forget about expanding their following or clientele. Since I have been applying for jobs, I have noticed that being social media savvy is a huge plus. Again, thank you Bill. I’d say in three years tops, it will be a requirement for a public relations graduate to obtain social media knowledge.

I look forward to the second half of this semester and know I will continue to gain experience as well as become comfortable with more aspects of social media.


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