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Flip March 24, 2009

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A couple of weeks ago in Social Media, our professor showed us another way to make ourselves more visible to potential employers. The new in-demand camera is called the Flip. It’s roughly the size of a Blackberry and relatively cheap. Apparently you can film something wherever and from there send it to your e-mail or upload it to a Web site in a matter of minutes.

We did a test run with Bill and Max, a fellow student. They recorded a four minute conversation about Max’s Web site, his skills and what he hopes to do once he graduates. Then, Bill showed us how simple it is to upload the video to the Internet and poof, you have a version of your resume online for all to see. Not even 10 years ago job seekers sent their resumes to companies via mail. Now its e-mail and posting resumes online that can include portfolios, previous works and even pictures/videos of yourself.  

As an upcoming graduate, I have sent my resume via e-mail to numerous companies and I have my resume on as well as It is simple enough to do and I think now a days it is imperative to do. Bill showing us about the Flip camera is just one more way we can show off our talents to employers and let’s face it with the competition today, a person must use every tool there is to broadcast themselves and their talent.


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