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THE Expo March 2, 2009

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Oklahoma State had its very own communications networking expo this past Thursday. I think it went wonderfully and I can only hope the JB school will hostat least one or two a year. This expo was organized by two JB students. Not only did they successfully organize this event they did it despite the university’s negative endorsement. I never got the full story about why OSU did not want a “networking expo” taking place without their consent. Apparently some OSU officials felt the students would conduct themselves in a manner unbecoming. And let me just say, that yes as a PR senior actively seeking a job I would act horribly in front of potential employers, professors and my fellow students. (hint the sarcasm)

Anyways, I want to congratulate the two students who created this event that benefitedso many of us. I tried to make my way to all the tables. Every company representative that I spoke with was excited to be there and gave very helpful advice. I went to OSU’s career fair at the beginning of January and hardly found employers that were seeking public relations/marketing professionals. It was so awesome to be at this expo surrounded by representatives that were looking for communication specialists. I felt much more comfortable and eager to talk with people at the expo.

Last but certainly not least, I would like to brag on my fellow Journalism and Broadcasting peers on our excellent and stylish attire. I have always said it and Thursday was further proof that we our the best -dressed major at the university. 🙂


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  1. Mattie,

    I’m so glad you enjoyed the expo! I was really proud of how our students behaved – so many were dressed professionally and well-prepared. Our employers really got a kick out of chatting with the students, too. I hope many students feel like you do – that it was worthy way to spend their time. At times, getting the event to happen seemed like a series of battles! But, boy, it was worth it!
    However, the expo wouldn’t have been a success without our planning committee, which consisted of Allison, Jessica, Mary, Sierra, Whitney, Jasmine, Stacy, Bobbi Kay and me. Each of these women helped make the expo a success.

    Keep in touch with those contacts!

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