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what we learn with bill handy February 23, 2009

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Thankfully this week, our class did not have to seek shelter because of a tornado outside. Instead we created/updated Socially Orange. A Web site created by the class and for our class. On Tuesday, Bill showed us how simple and cheap it was to create and register a Web site on the Internet. And I will go ahead and thank Bill right now for footing the bill of Socially Orange. Also my favorite part of the class was when Bill called students up to the computer for a little while and then we would applaud them for clicking on links correctly. 🙂

On Thursday, we discussed ways to incorporate businesses and potential OSUstudents in the Web site. Without boring anyone with details, I really felt the lesson was of value. Plus it’s one more thing I can add to my resume to impress future employers. 😉 It was easy, efficient and cheap. Also once completed, the Web site looked as though a professional had created it and would have charge a good chunk of change. As I have said before, I really enjoy the instructor and fellow classmates in JB 4520. Also I am learning something new and interesting each week. Which I cannot say for every class that I have taken.


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