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This week in social media February 6, 2009

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This week in Social Media class we had a former OSU journalism student come speak to us about her job at a non-profit organization in Oklahoma. Her main job is to keep up with all the different Web sites for her company. To my amazement this company is on numerous social media sites: facebook, myspace, twitter, youtube, etc. Constantly relaying information to the public about upcoming events or volunteer opportunities.

Most people have the impression that non-profits are unorganized. This food bank, however, is on top off all media aspects. As a result their food distribution to underprivileged children is up nine percent from last year. My favorite part of the speech was seeing how passionate the speaker is about her job. Even with a slight pay cut she took from going to a corporate job to this one, she says it was well worth it. And Not only does she like it more in the non-profit world, she likes her job so much, she gets to work early and stays late.

I hope we are all as lucky to find a job we love so much.


One Response to “This week in social media”

  1. Mindy Robson Says:

    I agree. I hope we are all fortunate to find a job we love. It’s so neat to see the nonprofit world becoming savvy in social media. They need to stay competitive among the corporate world. Most of us seek a cause to donate our time and money to. I’m more willing to take the time to listen if an organization is appealing and grabbing my attention through the Internet.

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