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Social Media Class February 2, 2009

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The first few weeks of Social Media have definitely been interesting and refreshing. Instead of talking about the definition of public relations for the millionth time, we are discussing the four corners of the Internet I will be the first to admit that I am not savvy in a lot of areas besides Facebook. However, I already feel fairly comfortable with Twitter. And I am using my new Gmail account as my contact email for my resumes.

I give Bill props for not only teaching the class useful networking skills but also being entertaining and engaging with the class. Let’s face it we all have taken those classes where we sit in the back of the room and read the newspaper or do the crossword and or soduku puzzle. But so far everyone participates and seems to enjoy the class. The atmosphere is always upbeat even when were given assignments. I think this class will be worth my time and my parents money. I hope I am right. 🙂


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